PATH Charity Design Project 1

In April 2013, Vanessa Kogevinas and I were approached by PATH Ventures (People Assisting The Homeless) to help decorate two apartments for young adults who are settling into their first rented apartment. With the help of local designers, friends and vendors we were able to furnish these two apartments solely on donations. Combined, Vanessa and I reached out to over 500 contacts, and with the generosity of so many we were able to make these apartments look beautiful and safe for the new tenants. These apartments will probably house about 16 people in the coming years and will continue to stay furnished for each of the new tenants.

Please check back soon… more images will be posted of the woman’s and the men’s apartment.

If you want to learn more about our upcoming charity projects or want to donate or be involved in assisting us please email us with your information.